What not to wear!!!




Here we can get into a couple of tips on what not to wear on an everyday

basic. Just some of the simplest things can help keep your feet on track with

the right stuff. But the shoes is one of them. High heels, pointed toes, any type of

flexible shoes, can damage your feet. Therefor making sure you’re

wearing the proper shoes can help give great support for the legs and

knees in the long run.




High Heels

High heels. A few inch heels change the arrangement of your body, which puts additional weight on your legs, hips and back. Wearing high heels frequently makes the Achilles ligament fix and abbreviate, which can really make it hard to wear level shoes. High impact points additionally make more weight on the bundle of your foot, which causes the foot’s regular cushioning to thin and give less pad where you require it most., additional weight can likewise prompt calluses.


Pointed toes

Pointed-toe shoes, especially high heels, that scrunch your toes together. These can cause a current bunion. The unbalanced situating of your toes can likewise make them contract and in the end twist under for all time, a condition known as hammertoe. Hammertoe requires medicinal intercession to address.

Flip Flops

You dont want to wear flip flops all the time. They are a beacon for a twisted ankle. Not to mention they will cause falls left and right. You should only wear them occasionally. They have lack of support for your arches in your foot. As a result, it will pull a muscle in your feet. Flip flops can also get worn down very quickly. Plus its just facts nails, glass, anything sharp can get stuck in your foot. So just not a good idea to wear everyday. Unless you would like to develop the hammertoe, but enough of the flip flops.


Flexible shoes

Loose shoes like ballet, mules, bad sneakers, scandals, and wedges are not good. If it just so that you can twist and wind a couple of shoes easily, they are not going to be steady enough. Shoes with great curve bolster will be hard to control. Be cautions against purchasing any shoes that can twist into equal parts.


Just A couple of pointers from the shoesense.com.

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