Shoes(The Evolution and Times)

The Worlds Oldest Shoe

Shoes first appeared in 1991 at the border of Austria and Italy, archaeologist found natural mummified human from the

stoned age, who died over 3000 years ago. He was wearing shoes made from deerskin and bearskin stuff with hay. That’s

very interesting. Shoes have been around for a very long time, and a lot of us don’t know about it. Its quite unique to think

that people were thinking about their feet back then. Between walking on rocks and gravel their feet had to been hurting

like i don’t know what. I couldn’t imagine how they felt, bruise and batter feet. Blood had to been coming from their toes and

so forth on.


Modern day shoes

As we know since the age of time shoes have been around. Dating back from over 3000 years ago have evovled to what

we know in this time modern day. I wonder if some of those people were alive today, what would they say about how its

evolution has turned. Did they ever think from wearing deerskin and bearskins with hay, to all fancy high heels, leather

shoes, name brands, from all over the country. Even the prices from free, up to $500 a pair.





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