Make Your Own Custom Shoes

Customizing Your Shoes

Everybody enjoys shoe shopping, but what about shoe making?  If you’ve a

tiny creative flair, you might enjoy designing and creating shoes. The

tools you’ll need for a fundamental pair of shoes are rather simple and

easily available. And handmade sneakers have the extra benefit of being

customized to get a perfect match. Here is How to create your own shoes.


Step 1 – Decide on your plan.

Before beginning, you need to know just what you want the end product to look like.

So you need to have a layout to follow before you may create a pair of shoes. Take a

little time to sketch out your design tips for the shoe.Think about the overall form of

the shoe design and how the materials you will use.

Step 2 -Sole.

Start using the shoe sole. Your shoe sole has to be assembled from materials such as

leather or rubber. You might even wish to utilize bottoms from an old pair of shoes.

Trace the only real shoe sized your same as your shoe you’d like to create and cut two

soles, one for your left foot and a flipped one for the right foot. Otherwise, remove

the bottoms from an old pair of shoes.


Step 3 – Build your shoe.

The following part of shoe making is a little open-ended. You need to build the upper

portion of your shoe. You may either create a sandal, a boot, athletic sneakers or a

basic loafer. Whenever you create shoes, extend your shoe last to your size

of your shoe you are making. First cover the last in cloth or plastic and fix it over the

last in order that it doesn’t move or budge. Then start covering the last in masking

tape. Use one brief strip at a time till your entire last is covered in at least 2

layers of masking tape. Once full, run a sharp knife across your bottom of your shoe

last in order to eliminate the masking tape pattern. Trim the pattern down

the middle so the pattern will lay flat. You’ve just created a shoe

pattern. Use canvas, leather or fabric to cut two patterns utilizing

your masking tape pattern. Remember to flip the pattern over in order that

you’ll have both a left and an ideal foot pattern. Once full,

attach your shoe top to your sole with shoe cement, shoe nails or shoe

staples. Add insoles. To make a pair of custom sneakers which

are comfortable, you will wish to add new insoles to your sneakers. To

do that, it is easiest to purchase a set of insoles from a shoe store.

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