Make Your Own Custom Shoes

January 16, 2019 KT 0

Customizing Your Shoes Everybody enjoys shoe shopping, but what about shoe making?  If you’ve a tiny creative flair, you might enjoy designing and creating shoes. […]

What not to wear!!!

January 6, 2019 KT 0

      Here we can get into a couple of tips on what not to wear on an everyday basic. Just some of the […]

”Be The Brand”

January 3, 2019 KT 0

Now for the good stuff. In this review I will go over the different brands and styles of shoes. Nike, pumas,vans, Reebok, are just to […]

Shoes(The Evolution and Times)

December 25, 2018 KT 0

The Worlds Oldest Shoe Shoes first appeared in 1991 at the border of Austria and Italy, archaeologist found natural mummified human from the stoned age, […]

Comfortable Shoes

December 25, 2018 KT 0

How is everybody doing, or should I say how are your shoes doing. I want to discuss how important wearing the right type of shoes […]

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About K.T.

December 23, 2018 KT 0

Welcome all you good people, Welcome all those hard workers to Here we can try as a team to get you good people in […]